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We're a full-service commercial audio production facility located in Stamford, CT.  Housed within the facility at The Pop Music Academy, we uniquely offer services to meet all your needs with recording, mixing, mastering, songwriting, production, editing, and music business services.


All of our staff has 10+ years working in the industry and have worked with everyone from major-label clients and artists, to independent and new local artists, to post-audio for international campaigns.

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Capturing the sound right the first time is the key to getting the best possible recording you can have. Whether it's full tracking, overdubs, or voice-over work, let us get it right for you and save you time and money later.

Sure, you can watch YouTube videos, and take online courses and try to do it yourself. Take advantage of our years of industry experience to get things sounding just the way you had them in your head.

Arguably the most important and often most over-looked part of the production process. We will make sure your music sounds the best it can while making sure it meets the ever changing needs of the modern distribution market, including metadata and ISRC embedding so you get paid for your work.

Online Mix & Master Production & Sound Design

Not located locally? We can work remotely and give you the same quality service and product as our local clients. Contact us for rates and details.

We can help you get that "radio ready" sound you've been looking for. From custom beats and instrumentals to getting the sounds you want in your own productions, our staff writers, engineers, and producers have done work with Warner/Chapell, Atlantic, Epic, and so many more.

We're musicians too, we know the recording process can be expensive and will work with you to get the best product you possibly can without breaking the bank. Contact us for a quote for your project! Policies

Studio Rules:


  • Access to the studio or premises without the presence of an SRS representative is not permitted.
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, illegal drugs, and weapons of any kind are not allowed on the premises.
  • Eating and drinking may be done in the kitchen or lounge area only – absolutely never in the recording studio.
  • Damage to the facility or equipment, or any items found missing after a client’s session will be charged to the client.




  • Booking will require a deposit equal to 50% of the cost of the total time reserved, as quoted for the project. Cancellation or rescheduling of sessions within at least 7 days notice will be refunded or credited forward in full, otherwise the deposit will be nonrefundable and forfeited entirely.
  • The minimum time for booking is four hours. Additional hours will be available on the same day only if there are no other sessions booked and if desired time is still within reasonable hours of operation. Sessions running past 9pm will be considered overtime and will be priced accordingly.
  • Time in the studio will be measured starting at the reserved start time and proceeding until all musical activities, including clean up, have ceased. Client is not entitled to any extensions of scheduled time without approval of the senior staff member on duty. A late start that occurs through fault of SRS will not be billed to the client.
  • Magnetic media, tapes, musical instruments, and personal items left on premises are done so at the risk of the client. Any items left on the premises for more than six months will become the property of SRS.




  • Rates are subject to change – email for current rate information. Preferred methods of payment are cash or credit card (Visa/MC/Disc). Personal checks will be accepted on the condition that they clear at least two weeks before the reserved session date. Until the check clears or deposit payment is fully processed, time is not officially booked.
  • Full balance payment is due at the end of each session. Client’s deposit will be applied to 50% of each day’s balance until it is used up, then each day will require payment in full up front in advance before the session.
  • Session data will be stored on computer hard disk. Clients will be assessed a storage fee on a per GB basis. This fee is mandatory and is a long-term rental fee. It is not to be construed as a purchase or any sort of implied ownership of either the storage medium or the data. All such media will remain at SRS.
  • Clients wishing to take session data with them after payment for services rendered may purchase a hard disk backup from SRS, available for pickup within 7 days.
  • Under no circumstances will the final recording be delivered prior to receipt of payment in full.
  • Overdue payments will be charged an interest rate of 2% per month. The client is responsible for paying all costs incurred by SRS in relation to collection of payment including legal fees, as stated on an invoice to be delivered by SRS to client in such situation. If the client wishes to contest these charges, it must be done within ten days of the date of invoice.




  • In the event of equipment failure, SRS agrees to credit the client for the time lost.
  • By working with or at SRS, client agrees that SRS and it’s related businesses shall have the right to use their name, likeness, and biographical material, in perpetuity, throughout the world, solely for the purpose of promotion of SRS and it’s related businesses.
  • Each term of business is severable from every other and shall survive the nullity of unenforceability of the other.
  • Client shall indemnify and save SRS and it’s related businesses harmless of and from all suits, claims, and demands, and other liabilities and expenses, including legal fees and disbursements arising out of the production, distribution, or exhibition of any films, tapes, records, compact discs, digital media, or equivalent in connection with which SRS shall have furnished any goods or services.
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(203) 564-9101

Stamford Recording Studio @ The Pop Music Academy

980 Hope Street, 2nd Floor

Stamford, CT  06907

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