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For musical Swiss Army knife Aaron Staniulis, “Life is really about the things you create, and the people you create them with,”. This inherent need to create on a regular basis, and the burning drive to collaborate has landed Aaron in the position he’s in. The music industry of today almost requires you to be a functional sufferer of Dissociative Identity Disorder to make a living in the ever changing landscape. While many people claim to do it all, you’ll find few people as strong or more comfortable with the need to switch proverbial hats. A self-proclaimed “music maker”, his own phrase also happens to most accurately describe what he does… simply, make music, period.

A native New Yorker, Aaron’s involvement in music began at a very young age and has lead him to study directly with a number of revered musicians and producers. Having been on both sides of the microphone extensively, he is able to offer a truly unique perspective drawing from his experience as a session musician/vocalist, songwriter, bandleader/music director, and sought after live and recording engineer. He has had the privilege of not only touring nationally, but also performing alongside and working for Grammy-winning major-label artists and his idols. A performer who is just as comfortable in front of ten people as he is in front of thousands, his versatility has kept him active across a number of musical styles and genres. When not behind a microphone or mixing console, in his limited free time Aaron can be found appreciating all things manual (razors,cars,coffee makers, pencil sharpeners, etc.), curating various forms of brown liquor, and reading as much information he can absorb on pandas.


Artists worked with: The Roots, Incubus, Rockapella, Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), John Brown’s Body, Soulive, Jounce (Danny Tamberelli), The Blind Spots, Aaron Kelly, Thousands of One, Cardiac, The Yes Yes Yalls, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, L.A.W. (Amy Winehouse), Igor’s Egg

Voice-Over/Film Post-Production: TurningPointCT.org, Ithaca College, Roy H. Park School of Communications, WICB 91.7FM, Tompkins County SPCA

Corporate: Disney, Google, American Cancer Society, New York State DOT, Ithaca College, Cornell University

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