Stamford Recording Studio is a production suite for every step of the creative process, for everything from writing, pre-production, recording, mixing, to listening and all steps in between. Located in the NYC Metropolitan Area and run by musicians, we excel at not only assisting the creative process, but bringing your ideas to life. Whether you’re having trouble getting a musical idea off the ground, you’re all ready to put a demo or album together, or are looking for a strategy to get your music out to the public, we’re here to help! Our facility offers a state-of-the-art recording studio, multiple live rooms, vocal isolation booth, control room, lounge area and kitchen, and a fully equipped live rehearsal stage performance space! We are conveniently nestled in the center of Stamford, CT, only minutes away from the Merritt Parkway and I-95, along the public transportation bus route, and just a few blocks from the Metro North Springdale Train Station. Whether you are a seasoned recording artist, corporate client, or an aspiring musician, we offer a wide array of professional services to satisfy your every music production need!


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